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Catta Verdera Country Club unveils new clubhouse
Auburn Journal

"We want it to be the most used clubhouse in the area," said Lindsey Sackheim, one of the ownership partners who purchased the former public Twelve Bridges golf course in 2001. "We want people to want to come here. Our motto is, 'We are a club where everyone wants to be." ... read more on the Golf Country Media website in a new tab

Catta Verdera celebrates changes to course, facilities
The Granite Bay View

"I think Catta Verdera is the nicest, most upscale club in the area," says Tim Makela, who recently joined the club, "but I joined Catta Verdera because it caters to families. That was number one on my list. I feel like I am on the front end of something pretty special."

Catta Verdera. Mondays never seemed so good.

"Catta Verdera, formerly known as Twelve Bridges, is one of the most beautiful, posh and demanding facilities in the greater Sacramento area. It's also in the process of going private, but the club is committed to allowing public play on Mondays."

Billy Bondaruk Rated one of the "Top 9 Teachers" in Northern California
Northern California Golf Guide

"The Northern California golf region is populated by 1,200 card-carrying members of the PGA of America. Once again, Northern California Golf Guide has highlighted some of the area's best teachers, who share their favorite tips and drills to help your game."